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SOAR Summer Camp on Monday, July 16, 2018 @ 9:00 AM

No fee

Thank you for registering for our SOAR Special Needs Day Camp!

We are excited to have your participant with us! An email with the camp details will be sent out the week before camp starts. NOTE: Camper must be 3 years old as of Jan 1, 2018 to attend day camp.

The $125 Camp Fee includes lunch every day, Fri night dinner, and a camp t-shirt for the camper.

Family Celebration: Fri 5p - 8p
You can register here as well for attending Fri Night Dinner and Camp T-Shirts.
  • Fri Night Dinner costs $5 per person up to a maximum of $20 for family. NOTE: Don't include Campers in this count.
  • Camp T-Shirts costs $10 up to an Adult - XL and $12 for an Adult - XXL or XXXL.

Camp is currently sold out.
We are now taking names for a wait list.

If you are interested in being put on this wait list, please check the Wait List Registration

option under the Camper Registration. You will be contacted on a first come first serve basis as spots open.

No fee is collected for Day Camp at this time.

You can still purchase t-shirts and Friday Night Celebration Dinner tickets below.

SOAR Special Needs Day Camp
1No fee 
Each camper gets one free t-shirt. If you would like to order extra t-shirts for the camper, please let us know the number and size you would like. The cost is $10 each for shirt sizes up to Adult - XL and $12 each for shirt sizes XXL & XXXL.
1No fee 
1No fee 
1No fee 
1No fee 
1No fee 
1No fee 
1No fee 
1No fee 
1No fee 
1No fee 
Friday Night Celebration Dinner
Please let us know how many people will be attending the Friday night celebration dinner. The cost is $5 per non-camper family member (Max of $20 for family).
Additional Family Member Camp T-Shirts
Additional Camp T-Shirts are available for non-campers! The cost is $10 each for sizes up to Adult - XL and $12 each for Adult - XXL & XXXL. Just check the size(s) and quantity ordering.
Please provide us with additional information about your camper.

You will also need to complete the following documents and submit them to
We look forward to you all at Camp!

Date of Birth:
Age of camper at time of camp:
Developmental age of camper:
Special Needs diagnosis:
Any food restrictions or allergies:
Is camper verbal or non-verbal?:
How does the camper ambulate?:
Does the camper take medication between the hours of 8a and 4p?:
If medications need to be given, please let us know what kind and when each one needs to be administered.:
Emergency contact full name:
Emergency contact mobile number:
Emergency contact relationship to camper:
Welcome Preferred:
Please let us know which days the camper will be attending camp. If for the entire week, click "All Week"; otherwise, just select the days they will be attending.
Full Camp:
--- OR ---
Attending Monday:
Attending Tuesday:
Attending Wednesday:
Attending Thursday:
Attending Friday: