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Overland Park | Summer Breakout on Monday, June 11, 2018 @ 9:00 AM

We are so excited to have your child joining us at this year’s SBO 2018, "Training Warriors in Faith." You will receive your complimentary T-shirt on the first day of the event. As SBO draws closer please be on the lookout for more details about the week! In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email Shana Wooley at We look forward to seeing you on June 11 at 9:00am!

For best results, please log in and then select the family member you want to register. In this way, all the contact information will be pre-filled. Please register each child individually that is attending SBO.

To register for SBO Overland Park, please check the box below.
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If your child will need a buddy while attending SBO, please check the box below.
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Please provide us with additional information for this event so we can better process your registration.
*Date of Birth:
*What grade will your child be attending fall 2018?
*Full Name::
*Daytime phone::
*Relationship to child::
*Name of individual picking up your child:
*Doctor's Full Name::
*Office Phone::
*Any allergies?:
*Does your child have a special needs diagnosis? If yes what is it?:
*Any other needs we should know about to best care for your child?:
In order to meet all legal requirements, do you authorize the staff of Grace Church to give consent for any and all necessary emergency medical care for your child listed here while said child is in said church's custody at SBO between the dates of June 11-15, 2018?
*Accept Medical Consent?:
This is for a slide show of the kids that we show during the SBO celebration.  If we post on social media we are sure to have NO names showing.
May we photograph your child during the week of SBO?
*Accept taking pictures?:
Shirts typically run small. Except for the smaller kids, you might want to order up one size.
*What size t-shirt do you need for your child?:
Are there any other notes regarding your child we need to be aware of for registration?
Volunteering during this week is a blast.  Experience this week with your kids, impact other kids, and make new friends at Grace.  There are many ways to get involved.

If you are interested in volunteering during SBO at Overland Park, please click the link below to open the volunteer registration in a separate window.